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Hormone Replacement Therapy


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For anyone interested in hormone replacement therapy I would recommed checking out Dr. Mali Wirojskoolchai at the Health Center and Longevity Param 2 Hospital. Dr. Wirojskoolchai has studied in Europe with Dr. Therry Hertoghe of Brussels Belgium. Dr Hertoghe is a 4 generation endocronologis who specializes in hormone treatment and is the president of the International Hormone Society. My hormone speciallist here in the states is also a student of Dr. Hertoghe and met Dr. Wirojskoolchai in Mar. of this year in Brussels. Dr. Hertoghe's course of study is very intensive lasting over a period of 2 to 3 years covering many facets of hormone treatment. If you are interested in contacting Dr. Wirojskoolchai send me a pm and I will give you her e-mail and phone number.

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You can also see Dr. Wim or Dr. Orawan at Orawana clinic in Bangkok.

Dr. Wim has trained with Thierry, and also TS Wiley from the Wiley Protocol. Thierry is good friend of TS Wiley's, and they collaborate on a number of things. They are the first to offer the Wiley Protocol in Thailand, as an alternative to the doctor you mentioned.

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