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Schools Or Home Schooling?


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Studies show that the average home schooled 8th grader performs four grade levels above the national average. My 7 year old daughter goes to Tantaruck school.But I'm seriously thinking of home schooling next year.My friends in Singapore swear by it.When they lived in Thailand there daughter went to the Regents .The father is CEO of an investment bank in Singapore, so the fees were not part of why they made the decision to home school.I recently meet 15 children home schooled in Singapore.There was a huge difference in there education level and there maturity all round.I am interested in finding up to 5 other children,whose parents who would be interested in employing a teacher to run a home school.If we all chipped in just 10,000baht a month I'm confident we would get exactly the type of teacher we would want for our children , the curriculum we wanted used and any thing else we thought in the best interests of our children.Please contact via personal message if you are interested.

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Home schooled children do so much better than traditional schools because they are schooled by their parents, who have a substantially increased interest in the well being of the child vs. a paid teacher. What you are talking about is not home schooling. It is simply a small private school, with a very mediocre salary for a teacher, and you are forcing a single educator to prepare multiple lesson plans for different grade levels and different subjects. It sounds to me like your plan is going to give you the worst of both systems.

I suggest you really sit and think this through. If you want to home school your children, then do it. You don't need to hire anyone. You are the best teacher your children could ever have. You can hire a tutor to help with areas where you may not feel competent, but even then you should be intimately involved in what they are being taught. If you aren't prepared to put in that kind of investment though, then you are going to be hard pressed to beat an existing private school.

If you are thinking that all 5 parents home school their children, and together you pay 50,000 baht per month and share a tutor/consultant, then maybe you have something worth considering. Otherwise, it sounds what you are considering is a recipe for disaster.

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You seriously expect to get a good teacher for 50,000 Baht a month?

Also I would expect that the international and even local education system in Singapore is very good, and better than most places.

Do you believe that you can find a good teacher even for more in Thailand ?

Home schooling might be the best solution (better than many international schools...) if parents spend time teaching themselves and employ part time teachers to help.

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