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Pest Control, For Bugs


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I am going to spray my house for bugs. I bought a brand of chemical called Chaindrite. Am wondering has anyone else tried it and would they know about the hazards of using this.

I had pipes and holes drilled in my floors when the house was being built. I want to spray in the morning when the kids go to school

so as to not affect them or should i spray and leave for a few days very concerned about the health effects.

I cant read the label it is all in thai my wife told me how to mix it, it has a picture on it and says kills ants, powerpost beatles, termites, and other pests..bought it and will wear a 3M half mask with chemical filters when i spray it, and rubber gloves and boots.

Any one with info on this chemical and has tried it would like your feed back. thanks

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If it's the stuff on the right, then that's the dog's duddahs...


40:1 mix with water. Just make sure all food is away if spraying in kitchen and wear gloves and top covering forearms... it stings. Don't know about the effects hours after sprayed, but'd say you'd probably be fine by the time the nippers get back. Just wipe down surfaces after to make sure. Have sprayed the kitchen at night before now and woken up to the floor and surfaces full of dead ants next morning. It takes em all out.

Chaindrite also do the powdered form, which they take back to the nest. Worked alright at first but seems to not be as effective now... perhaps past its sell-by date.

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thanks for your feedback, used it this morning and used a halfmask with cartrages the neighbours gave me funny looks.

and wore long sleveshirt gloves and rubbers out side.

I had installed in the floor of my house holes were drilled and pipe put down the holes. and there was a brass like threaded cap put on them the size of a nickle. so can do under the house. and were i put new tile in the main living room had installed before the tile, piping under the floor and have a box on the side of the house that i can spray in to the pipes under the floor.

hope the product is a good 1 and I will see soon

thanks for the info guys. and noticed on the web sites there is a MSDS sheet from Australia that was nice to see.

very simular to canada.

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