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Fake Les Paul Gibson


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Blasphamy is what you may think.....

I am a lover of Les Paul and own ORIGINALS worth a nice penny + and DO NOT PROMOTE the manufacture of copies..

BUT...lets face it they are out there and I want to see how good the imitations are for use in a NON musical project.

I know they are made in China and Korea ( branded with all the same serial number ?!? )

but has any one seen an actual GIBSON copy in BKK? Preferably a LES PAUL custom or vintage styled GIbsons.

I have seen many Les Paul look alikes with brands such as "Century" etc... on the head stock but I am looking for some actual GIBSON copies for an arts project.

I can not possibly use real GIBSONS as that would be sinful!

Let me know if you have sen any about. Cheers.


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Sorry, as much as I would like to see one myself, I have to close this topic.

16) Not to post about gambling, betting, pornography, illegal drugs, fake goods/clothing etc and other activities that are officially illegal in Thailand.

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