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Wife Burmese Citizen With Thai Alien Id Card

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My wife is Thai Yai (Shan) and was born in Burma. She has been living in Thailand for 7 years and has a Thai Alien ID card.

1. Can we register our civil marriage at the local Amphur?

2. I wish to take my wife back to Europe for a holiday. Can I get her travel papers without applying for a passport?



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1) Don't know, sorry.

2) She will obviously need the appropriate visa issued by the embassy of the country(ies) you intend to visit. A Schengen visa will allow entry to the Schengen area and she should apply to the embassy of the state you intend to visit first. If a non Schengen state then a visa issued by the embassy of that state will be required.

To obtain either, she will need a passport.

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