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Pruksa And Responsibility


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I'm wondering about legal responsibilities of land owners.

The land behind my housing estate is owned by Pruksa - you know, the cheap-ish developer, and has been for a while now. Recently they started developing it, with at the moment trucks rolling in, filling it up. I'm not complaining (here) about the noise (on Sunday night at 8). That's something I know how to take up with Pruksa. However, since they started developing it, and shipped in a town-sized-slum of builders, there's been a break-in in my estate every two to three nights. Trails obviously lead to Pruksa's land, and deeper into it (but can't be followed into the town-sized-slum due to the rain (well, let's say it's that).

Would there be a way to scare Pruksa into setting up security? :) I would find that highly entertaining to try out.

Now I'm off buying and mistreating a pitt-bull, or whatever mean dog there is.

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