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Change Non O To A B Inside Thaiand

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Consdering taking a government job with work pemit provided

What to do about visa can it all be done at 1 stop shop near JJ or Chang Wattana

Who is responsible for fees and should I start work before this is achieved or i some temporary visa issued.

The University of course has no clue and seem to think its like a trip to 7/11

Or if I have to leave the country is there anywhere possible as a day trip early flight Penang Yangon or hanoi etc?

But of course they will not be in trouble with immigration if out of order

Appreciate any advice job due to start November 1st when office re-opns existing muri O visa reuires 90 day departure by 21st noveberB

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I guess you still have a valid multiple entry visa. You should be able to just ask for an extension of stay based on teaching.

You will have to go to Cheang Wattana. The fees have to be paid by you as the applicant, but that is something you can negotiate with them. Most employers will pay it for you.

You are not allowed to work before you have a work permit. You should start with getting the work permit and once you have that get an extension of stay from immigration.

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Thanks Mario for super prompt reply

I have had work permits in other provinces


Please where do I go in Bnagkok is the one big office or one in each Khet etc

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