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Congratulations To Chiang Mai Fc!


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As a Lampang FC fan, I would like to say a big 'WELL DONE' to Chiang Mai FC. I was supporting Lampang FC at the 700 year Stadium on Saturday and it was a great experience. You beat us at our place very early in the season but your team has improved a lot since then. There was a gulf in class between our teams and you really ought to have won by more - I was just amazed that the score wasn't higher than 1-0. There were at least 2 occasions where it seemed you couldn't miss.

In terms of the promotion structure, I think that transformation is wrong, there really ought to be a more gradual regional grouping even at Division 1 level. However, the 'Promotion' league you now enter seems best, given the present set-up. Given the playing standards, club set-up and fan involvement at Chiang Mai FC, it would be a crying shame if you didn't get promoted. I really want to see a more even distribution of Div 1 and TPL teams, especially in geographical terms. Thankfully Chiang Rai United seem to be holding their own in Div 1 and Chiang Mai FC ought to be there too.

For Lampang FC it's our first season in the league and it's been a great ride. We basically have no money and I'm told that at one stage we weren't even sure if there would be money to play the following week, but still a great experience, with many highs and lows.

For us Lampang FC fans it was a nice end to the season. We didn't have far to go, good stadium, great fanbase, we didn't get beaten by a rugby score and a nice celebration for Chiang Mai FC as Champions.

WELL DONE CHIANG MAI FC and I'll be supporting you through the Promotion League. Now, in honour of the God Nike - JUST DO IT!

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Here here !!! :thumbsup::partytime2:

Alfie was there cheering on the Tigers, do you get there Nad ? i actually heard that there were some Arse supporters in the crowd who had come over especially for the match.................apparently they wanted to learn how to make some noise during a game :D.

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