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Becks Oap Thai Massage


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SHABBY massage parlour visited by David Beckham is staffed by Thai women the wrong side of FIFTY, The Sun can reveal. The soccer idol - who spent an hour there while wife Posh was away - had to lie on a paper sheet face down on the floor in Los Angeles.

Barefoot masseuses - many of them pensioners aged 60-plus - then walked all over his and fellow punters' BACKS.

The former England soccer captain, 35, was spotted leaving the scruffy Lamai Thai Massage shop in Venice Beach after paying $40 - ฃ26 - and leaving a ฃ20 tip.

Yesterday The Sun sampled the therapy. Our reporter paid $25 for half an hour.


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.. then walked all over his and fellow punters' BACKS.

Very good treatment for back problems. My partners do the same for me (so long as they are under 45kg)


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