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Dry Cleaner In Town?


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We've covered this before and if I recall the two top choices are Washy Mashy on Huey Kaew and the Orchid Hotel. The dry cleaning stand is actually just outside the hotel, on the left side as you enter the hotel. I don't know about the Orchid, but Washy Mashy has always taken at least two days to do dry cleaning for me, but they do a superb job.

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Here's the current dry cleaning info:

There seems to be only one company in town that actually does the cleaning. It's called Perfect Dry Cleaning and has it's main premises at Chiang Mai Business Park between the German Brewery and Hillside 9 (loosely speaking behind Carrefour). They have four branches and a bunch of agents where you can leave and pick up clothes. Branches are:

Central Airport Plaza as you walk in from the car park by The Body Shop.

Mee Chock Plaza

Tops Market Chotana branch (by what used to be the Novotel)

P&S Mansion on Huay Kaew Road (the next apartments up from the Orchid Hotel on the same side of the road)

All are closed on Tuesday except the main office which closes on a Sunday. Basic service 4 days but will do a 2 day rush service for an extra charge of 50% or 3 hour emergency service at 100% surcharge. My linen suit on the basic service would have been 190 baht. The main office number is 053 234 555 and one of the staff speaks good English.

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