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Th Gsm Is Now Ais


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Hey Guys,

My network operator AIS displayed always TH GSM since years and years.

Today i got an message that my network operator would like to update my...(i don't remember)

But anyhow my question is:

What is that all about?

Hast this something to do with upcoming bidding for 3G network??

Anyone else got now displayed AIS instead of TH GSM ???

Best Regards,

Lammbock :jap:

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I would suggest that, this is just the script that is loaded into the Cell Info Display, and Network Display... It isn't changing anything other than the branding that shows on your phone...

Maybe AIS will start a new 'Brand' for their future real 3G network, if the Grubyment ever stops screwing around and issues the licences... and they want to create a differentiation between their GSM brand and their 3G Brand...

Here in Australia, Telstra has a network called NextG (UMTS 850MHz), and charges extra for a NextG account than a 3G Account (UMTS2100 MHz only).



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