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Building A Future- Documentary Or Reality Tv Show?


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Many people have a dream of living in paradise. I have half my dream already. I ownabout 6 rai (330m x 33m) of land on a deserted beach on the East coast ofThailand, opposite Koh Samui and the famous Koh Pan Ngan Island (where theyhave monthly full moon parties).

The other half of my plan involves building Ethos (www.myethos.weebly.com), and this iswhere television comes in. There have been an incredible amount of reality TVshows on just about every subject from hairstylists to fishermen, but never one that's based around a concept such as Ethos. Ethos is more than just an idea for an ecologically sustainable guesthouse and yoga/mixed martial arts (mma)studio. It's also a way of living that embraces our environment rather than damaging it. It does this by helping people to understand that life doesn'thave to be incredibly complicated or difficult to be very enjoyable. The simplest things in life are often the most enjoyable and rewarding!

Learningto work with our environment and not against it is crucial to living a more harmonious and sustainable life. Teaching people how they can build and run their own homeor business, with a minimum of outside help, utilizing as many recycled/locally sourced materials as possible and on a shoe-string budget. With a bit of planning and knowledge it's easy to be much more self-reliant and not so dependent on other people forfood and power. Ethos also strives to help people become more comfortable with who they are and more confident with what they are doing with their lives.These are accomplished through learning more about yourself and how your body & mind interact. Martial arts are a great tool that help the body & mind stay fit and healthy and this why I would also like to build a yoga andmixed martial arts studio for everyone to enjoy, as well as tree houses for the kids (and us!)

It's got all the right elements for a fantastic reality TV show/documentary that promises to be extremely entertaining.

These elements are:

1. Colourful, charismatic, interesting and funnycharacters from all over the world.

2. Beautiful tropical location right on the beach(East coast of Thailand, about 4 hours South of Bangkok).

3. Both glorious sunshine and heavy rain/thunderstormsduring the monsoon.

4. A set timeframe for completion and thepressures that brings with it.

5. Language problems and misunderstandings.

6. Money worries and constraints.

7. Local politics and "red tape" frustration.

8. Lack of building knowledge (I've no experienceat all).

9. Fantastic food and culture.

10. Possible fights in the ring, betweenpeople staying and helping with Ethos.

11. Friendships being made and culturaldifferences being put aside.

12. Love and romance.

13. And maybe a splash of hedonism!

I've overcome Thai bureaucracy, financial problems, language barriers and gone through months of sleepless nights to get to this stage. The next step is to build somewhere people from all over the world can come and stay. I want Ethos to be a place where anyone from anywhere can relax and feel at home. Wherethere are plenty of opportunities to learn about the many facets of Thai culture, including cookery, architecture, art, dance and Muay Thai (Thaiboxing).Or if you're feeling lazy you can chill in a hammock or take a leisurely cycle to the nearby waterfall or cave.

My name is Justin Harrison and I'm a thirty-five year-old Englishman who's been travelling and working throughout a lot of the world for the last 13 and a half years.

I now live and work in Phuket. I have previously worked as a teacher and children's entertainer in Hong Kong and Thailand, driven taxis, traipsed door to door anddone marketing and sales for a number of different companies in England, performed tree surgery in Australia for Rupert Murdock, marketed timeshare in India andhosted nights in a Japanese karaoke bar in HK. I've had a very colourful and interestinglife to say the least, and that's not including the more nefarious activities I've done in the past!

This series/documentary would not only entertain but it could show a side to Thailand rarely seen by anyone. I have a close friend who hid at home until he was twenty-one because he had no confidence in himself or inspiration in his life. I hope that these programs will inspire people who feel stuck with no direction to go and feel trapped by life, that there are always ways to overcome any problems, no matter how big or small they are. All you need is a good idea, belief inyourself, determination, good friends and a lot of hard work and you can conquer heights you never thought possible and live your dream at the same time.

I am looking for interested companies or people to help sponsor Ethos so we can build a place for everyone to enjoy in the future, and somewhere people can learn how to live a more ecologically sustainable life, whilst exercising their bodies & minds.

We would also be looking to source materials from local and international businesses in exchange for great publicity. Charities and other interested parties could offer advice and information via my website, and also benefit from being connected with such a worthy cause as Ethos.

For more information, please contact Justin Harrison on:

Thailand(66) (0)848431425 or E-mail me at: [email protected]

Mywebsite is : www.myethos.weebly.com

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