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Better Business Cards In Cambodia Than Thailand?

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I was quoted about $10.00 US for an order of 100 business cards in Chiang Mai.

The the same order is $5.00 in Phnom Penh. It was one color on standard stock both sides printed.

The paper stock I was offered in thailand was a bit slick.

Slick paper is a bad choice for business cards because being able to write on the card is very important.

Ink smears.

I got a choice of many paper stocks in Phnom Penh: some cream white, some with tooth (i.e., writeable)

Cambodian service was good and fast. the printers are easy to deal with.

It may take a little longer because a lot of business owners leave a couple of teenage girls in charge of the place when they go out shopping.

So it may take two or three days to complete the process.

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Yeah I am not sure why the biz cards are so expensive in Bkk. I ended up design and printing my own and it is same or better than the ones you get from the shops (one sided or both sides)

I get my cards from Jack Graphic Design in CM.


Cheaper than Phuket.

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