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Uk Settlement Visa Accommodation

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Is the following enough evidence for the ECO on accommodation.

Parent invitation letter, stating the number of rooms and the invitation for the applicant.

Mortgage statement, showing the mortgage payments.

Addressed bills.

Photos of the house including the rooms and the sizes of the rooms.

Do I need to include anything else on the accommodation side?

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There was recent discussion of house deeds. Some documentation can be downloaded for £2 or £4 I believe. You would not have thought it necessary but someone's visa was refused on such an oversight it would seem.

As it is for settlement and not tourist, I do not know if you have to cover the length of time which the accommodation will be available to you.

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Sounds fine.

How many bedrooms is it?

The Home Office considers 2 bedrooms for 3 people to be fine but for 4 people to be overcrowding.

If it's 3 bed and just you two and your parents, no problem.

It's a 3 bedroom house. 1 bedroom for my mum. 1 bedroom for our kids one is 4 ( counts as half a person) and the other is a month old (doesn't count as a person) under the immigration rules. the other bedroom is a downstairs front living room converted into a bedroom for me and my partner, is that okay??. there is also the back living room, which will be left as a living room, and of course a kitchen and a bathroom.

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This is part of the UKBA guidance on accommodation in settlement cases ( as already provided by Thai Visa Express ) :-

If the accommodation is not owned by the couple (or one of them), the Rules require that there be adequate accommodation which is for their exclusive use. This need not be as elaborate as a self-contained flat. It is acceptable for a couple to live in an existing household, e.g. that of a parent, uncle, aunt, sibling or friend, as long as they have at least a bedroom for their exclusive use.

If the couple have children with them there must be additional adequate accommodation for them .

From what you say, ie. there is another living room, then the proposed accommodation may be considered adequate by the ECO. I think maybe the ECO will want to know how long you will be in this accommodation, and, if you have accommodation of your own lined up, then you should provide details of that too.

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So to summarise:

You have:

1x kitchen

1(or more) x bathroom

1x living room

and 3x bedroom (including converted living room).

As i understand it (and I admit I'm no expert), the rules are:

1 bedroom = 2 people

2 bedrooms = 3 people

3 bedrooms = 5 people

As you've said, the kids don't count as wholes. And you have you, partner, mum, and 2 kids.

As I see it, the application shouldn't fail in this respect.

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We recently had a client who lived in rented accommodation whilst preparing the application I noticed that on the Tenancy agreement it stated the property was only suitable for two people to live in the dwelling. They had a child which was 9 months old( below 1 years old they do not count ) they got the visa but we did offer third party accommodation at the clients relatives house if required.

You have inserted photographs etc but this may help .

Number of rooms Permitted number of persons

1 = 2

2= 3

3= 5

4= 7.5

5= 10

Children under 1 do not count, children between 1 & 10 years old count as half a person as per the guidance on the 1985 housing act.

Good luck


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