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Degree For A Work Permit?

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Hi everybody,

I have a friend who is thinking of starting his own company here to formalise his previously 'unofficial' freelance (IT related) work.

However, he does not have a degree, and is worried that he may not be able to get a work permit without one.

I don't have a degree myself either, but as I've had my WP for many years and also work for a blue chip western company, I'm not sure the same rules still apply/will apply to him?

I'd appreciate any advice, comments or recent experience from anybody.


PS. Still waiting for any news about PR, if anybody has heard anything recently?

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Labour Department do ask to see copies of your professional qualifications/certificates when you apply for a work permit, but though a degree may help, it is not required per se.

Presently waiting to see if I am granted a WP. They have copies of my diploma and some other certificates, I am without a degree. I made a resume to suit the job.

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As far as I know you don't have to have a degree - although in certain jobs it will be required, Teaching being one. If you are setting up your own company, then it would probably only come down to paid up capital and how many Thai workers you have employed. I know of a number of people who have or are working for NMC's that do not have a degree.

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