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Pattaya One Issue #1 discussion


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Goodness. This is empty. I hope this is the right place to comment on the paper. If not can you move it to the correct forum? Thank you.

I have just downloaded and read every page, and I LOL many times. This may be unfashionable to say, but it's an excellent first edition and the PDF format is very sharp, and great idea for people not in Pattaya.

but some questions and comments:

1. For a paper that has gotten so much publicity with its' News" headline, I was disappointed to see no news at all inside the paper, except for a lady who won a bowls tournament. WIll this change or do you see it as a cross between a toned-down Walking Street Journal - funny writers and many bar ads - and something like The Pattaya Trader - for real estate ads?

2. I found trying to compare it to the other Pattaya papers to be confusing. It's more like a glossy magazine than a newspaper. Yes?

3. I enjoyed all of the columnists, especially the ladyboy column (Rainbow) which had me worrying about my nights on Walking Street, :blink: and my old favourites from Pattaya Today were good to read.

3. Are you not scared by offering it as a free download you are going to kill your newspaper buying market stone dead in Pattaya?

I hope the next editions are as entertaining.

Good luck with shaking up the Pattaya media market.


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Thank you for your posts. Today has been very busy so we have only now found the time to respond on this forum.

Although we expected to attract a lot of negative posts, this being our first edition, we are astonished with the more positive numbers today – over 11,000 hits on the Pattaya One topics, over 3,500 individual downloads of the PDF file, and the usual wide array of posters on the various Pattaya One topics which are running.

That’s why we wanted to do this with Thai Visa, because once the dust settles we think the publication will become quickly very popular here in print and online, as well as abroad, and Thai Visa have an excellent global reach.

We are convinced no other Pattaya publication could have pulled this off and it took a leap of faith for Thai Visa to do it with us, so hopefully content-wise we will come up with our end of the bargain.

We are very happy to respond to sensible queries, comments and complaints when we have time, so let us try to answer the ones raised so far:


News –we simply did not have the space, but we hope from the next edition to cover some local news, in a new style. The bowling feature was a quirky human interest story one of the editors liked!

Magazine or Paper? – We have never asked ourselves that, but we are happy how it has turned out so far, and as we have more space we can expand the content to include news and a lot of high quality content that we can’t use right now, so maybe we will turn out to be a newspaper after all.

Pattaya:One Rainbow – We agree. A superb column from James, and we hope to expand that into a full page when space allows.

Download v hard copy Version – We think they are complementary. And for anyone who is put off from buying it because it is online, good luck to them. Many prefer to read a hard copy paper, but having the online version gives us an excellent global reach.


Go go adverts – why so many? To be honest, it simply reflects the guaranteed readership that bar owners knew they would get from the hugely popular Nightmarch and Stickman columns. Nothing more.

We want as much advertising as we can get from all areas of Pattaya’s commercial world, and our rates are dramatically lower than Pattaya’s newspapers, yet we have many more eyeballs on the pages, so you should see the proportion of bar ads reduce as we get bigger and obtain more advertising from other areas of Pattaya life.

Hope the above helps, and thank you for your support.

Pattaya One team

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i also thought it was more a magazine then a newspaper, also why are there so many Go Go bar adverts?

Agreed, no 'news' at all. No TV and Cinema guides either. Worse still, no upcoming events.

I only knew of the recent firework display when I saw it in the sky. They could print this months in advance.

Given Howard's esteemed position in Pattaya it could have been much better (eg decent immigration guide).

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Not long to go now. Just checking this forum actually works and isn't an elaborate wind-up by Thai Visa!

I think the wind up was you claiming you were launching a newspaper.

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