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Bangkok Living + Pre-school Advise


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My family and I are moving to Bangkok in August for a one-year period.

We have no idea where to live in Bangkok and would be happy for some advice.

We also need a good pre-school for our daughter who is 5 year. I checked some pre-schools but they were very expensive for us, like 200 000 baht for yearly fee and around 10 000 baht per month. Perhaps is normal fee but for us a little bit too much.

So we are looking for a nice residential area in Bangkok near good English pre-school and near a BTS station.

Monthly rent maximum 30 000 included electricity, ADSL – apartment with balcony or small house, 3 bedroom

As we work with Internet we can basically stay anywhere in Bangkok as long as it is near a BTS station.

Any suggestions?



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Hullo Charlotte,

You might want to look at Bangkok Garden (www.bangkokgarden.com) which is in a good location and has New Sathorn International School attached to it. If you haggle you can probably get a 2 bed 2 bathroom apartment there for about 35,000 per month. It is a very family orientated apartment complex with kiddie pools and a playground. NSIS is very good but expensive. Howeevr if you want expat teachers that is the price you pay.

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I have a friend whos children (5 and 6 yrs) attend the Bangkok Christian College. I remember her saying that the fee is around 30 000 per year, but for Thai program. The school also has an English (or bi-langual) program but it is more expensive, but how much, I don't know. I believe all the less expensive school follow the thai curriculum, which means that the school starts in mid May, has a one month break in October, and continues until the end February. For cheaper apartments you can find accross the river from Sathor/Silom. That's where we live too, and it is a LOT more quiet on this side. For BTS you would have to take a bus or a shuttle bus.

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