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Restaurant Cards Company

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Restaurant Cards Company

Listing ID# BKK14112

Price: 1,000,000THB


This company sells Restaurant Cards to people residing in Thailand and to travel companies who give the cards to their customers as a bonus when they book a ticket to Thailand. Card holders can then get discounts in over 150 restaurants all over Thailand. Cash flow is already being generated, but the concept is still quite new and in the marketing phase; salespeople are currently out and about in tourist areas where they are selling the cards to travellers on a commission basis. Good contacts have been established with leading travel agencies and adverts have been placed in local magazines.

The response in Hua Hin has been very good, and the company is now focussing on Bangkok. A business plan has been developed, and this can be examined by serious investors. All start-up costs and travelling expenses are now virtually finished, a website is completed and a potential buyer now has the opportunity to concentrate on sales. Asking price: 1,000,000 baht.


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So what does my 1 million baht get me besides a few contacts, some sales people, a website and a bit of groundwork? Any sales actually occurred yet? Does this get you an office, a franchise of a successful business with a proven and brandable name? A company ltd with work permit etc etc.?

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