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Upgrade From Tourist Visa

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Before leaving for Thailand, we received from the Thai embasy in Canada a two month tourist visa, single entry.

It expired last week and we made our way to the Mai Sai - Burhma border. We expected to receive a 2 months extension. The person who provided us that information was oviously wrong as we only got a 2 weeks land crossing extension.

As we are planing to stay here for another couple of months, what should we do? We are quite limited on funds.

We are voluntering for a registered NGO who will provide us the paperwork to receive a 3 month non immigration B visa, but the visa run to Laos would cost us at least 5000 baht. We currently live in Chom Thong. Moreover, our "employe" is quite a sketchy fellow and we arent sure we want to continue voluntering for him. We would appreciate he freedom to leave him without loosing our visa.

Any ideas? If you are unsure, please refrain from posting. There's nothin more frustrating than following a unproven advise :)

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You should have extended your original Visa at an Immigration Office for a further 30 days.

Returning by a land border will get 15 days as you have found out.

If you are volunteering you need a Work Permit as well as a Non Imm Visa.

If you do not wish to work you can obtain a Tourist Visa from a Thai Consulate in a neighbouring Country.

This would give 60 days with the option to extend for a further 30 days at Immigration.

Tourist Visas are free at the moment.

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1. You are hear working illegally without even a non immigrant visa entry.

2. You could have extended your tourist visa entry for 30 days at an Immigration office.

3. You now have a 15 day visa exempt entry.

4. The closest place to obtain another visa would be Vientiane. A tourist visa would be free but you should not plan on any more work as you are at risk of arrest and jail doing so without a work permit.

5. You can likely cross border two or three more times for visa exempt 15 day entry but risk being told not to return at any time.

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