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Iphone 4 Repair (Ear Speaker)


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Hello Guys,

Can't believe it. Now after just 3 weeks my new IPhone 4 has already a malfunction.

The ear speaker stopped working this morning and now i can only talk if i plug in my headphones or use the phone speaker.

What a mess. :(

Internet says: Plug in Plug out (multi times) headphones or make a System restore.

Both done but both not helped.

Anyhow, it is an Hong Kong IPhone 4 and i will not ship it there.

I need it to be repaired here in Bangkok or Pattaya or Siracha.

What should i do?

1. Go to MBK in Bangkok. (In my opinion they have the most experience with IPhones)

2. Go to any IStudio? (For example Central Festival Pattaya)

3. Go to the mobile shop in Siracha, Robinson where i bought it?

Any other idea also welcome.

Best Regards, :jap:


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