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Cr-1 Visa Granted, And Now...?

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My wife's cr-1 visa has been granted. We started the process 5 months ago here in Bangkok. I am thinking that we might want to go there (US) for a short period of time first and make sure that we feel we want to reside there (I havnt been back there in 7 years so I am a little aprehensive about adjusting back). We would then go back to Thailand to pack and sell all our belongings, find a permanent home for our dogs etc and go back to the US to settle there. From what I understand, after we arrive there, my wife should wait until she gets a social security number and a green card before leaving the US, and she/we shouldn't stay in Thailand for more than 6 months. My question is: can anyone tell me how long it should take in order for her to obtain green card and soc. security number once on US soil and what is the procedure to follow to obtain these? Thanks <_<

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Hi Stan

congratulations on your wife getting her visa approved

I Dont really know about the CR1 . we went the finance visa route and we had to marry when we got here and do a change of status to get her green card, I think your wife will be issued a green card automatically when she arrives in the USA,, but there is a forum dedicated to visa issues, do a search for visa journey forum and you can find your answers there,

Chock dee

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Hi Sirineou, thanks for your reply. Yep, I got a lot of answers from visajourney. Apparently soc.sec card is issued automatically and sent to US address about 2 weeks after arrival. If not, we should go to soc sec office to inquire. Green card should also be mailed automatically about 1 month after arrival and we should receive a 'welcome letter' before that with a receipt number that enables us to track the status of this green card online. From what I undestand, when the CR1 visa is stamped at entry in the US, it acts as a temporary green card so one is technically allowed to temporary leave the US territory (for less than 6 months) without loosing green card privileges even if the 'permanent' green card has not yet been issued or received.

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It has been clsoe to 9 months since your last post. Can you please update us on the time frame for the SS card and the green card. Also once the green card is recieved can your wife stay away from the US as long as she wants ( no 6 months rule)?

Thank you,


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