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Hairy-Legged Thai Women


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Leg Letch

One of the, many, beautiful things I admire about Thai ladies is their silky skin. One reason their skin is so soft and smooth is because they usually have virtually hairless bodies. But I have noticed that some women, even young girls, do have very hairy legs, albeit usually fine hairs. Is it frowned upon in Thailand for those particular girls to get rid of unsightly leg hairs? If some girls do elect to lose the hair, what method do they use (razors, leg wax, electrolysis)?

Uriah Heep

Looking at ladies legs certainly beats train spotting. Thai ladies often do have leg hair but, as you said, it is usually fine so they consider it unnecessary to remove. Those who do, employ different methods according to financial resources. Wealthy ladies, including those with a farang dosh-dispenser, will of course go for a more expensive method, such as electrolysis, laser or waxing, and probably in a highly expensive beauty treatment centre. For the normal Thai girl, the old fashioned razor method, applied in her bathroom, is sufficient for her legs, and pubes if she so fancies and has a steady hand. Thai women rarely receive any complaints about being hairy; well, not on the legs anyway. [more…]

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-- Pattaya One 2010-12-21

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