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Suspect In 5 Year Old Murder Case Found Guilty


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Suspect in 5 year old murder case found guilty

Former partner of Warm Up Café given life in prison


Sumet Pongpiew, the father of the murder victim, is joined by Pornsak Sangsangwal, right, chairman of the Lawyers;’ Association of Chiang Mai, to give his opinion on the guilty verdict in the five year old murder of his daughter.

Saksit Meesubkwang and Nopniwat Krailerg

A former partner in the popular Warm Up Café on Nimmanhaemin Road was sentenced to life in prison in the 5 year old murder of his girlfriend by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court on January 18.

Wuthichai Jaisamak, also known as Pu, was found guilty in the brutal murder; in December of 2005 the body of Benjaporn Pongpiew, or Nong Anne, was found strangled, with her wrists tied, hanging from a tree on the Chiang Mai University campus. Police made no progress in the case until Nong Anne’s father, Sumet Pongpiew, filed a lawsuit against Wuthichai in 2008 after consulting with the National Police Bureau, Department of Special Investigations and the Lawyer’s Association of Chiang Mai.

After the judgment was announced, the chairman for the Association said that if the police had worked hard and carefully on the case it would have been closed early on and that only once the Lawyer’s Association started working with Nong Anne’s father and set up a committee to work with former police investigators did the case finally move forward.

Nong Anne’s father thanked the court for dispensing justice, the Lawyer’s Association and the former police investigators who helped provide the clear evidence to gain the guilty verdict.



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This goes to prove that one should never give-up and always persist !

Congratulations to Benjaporn Pongpiew's father and mother; your daughter will be proud of and grateful to you.

May she rest in peace and may the parents find some peace.

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