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Black Pest In Tap Water


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For months I have endured a black sludge material along with small flesh colored worms and a clear sludge in my tap water. These types of sludge tend to attract and form balls. Anyway I complained several times and finally went to have my own test done etc.

It is "Moina macrocopa" AKA water flea. I was told it is common in Thailand and not harmful to humans. Fish love to eat it I guess. Could not find anything on internet that points to it being harmful in humans.

Here is a pic...enjoy


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Water fleas (Daphnia) don't produce sludge or balls of sludge; the sludge is probably a slime mold. Sounds like you need your pipes cleaned :whistling:

Looks like I have multiple problems with the quality of my tap water. The black mud is what this flea is feeding/living in. Somehow a flesh colored worm is inside this also.

The clear sludge may be what is sticking to my eyelashes.

The other residents could care less. About half population are Thai.

I know bleach cuts/cleans this stuff easily. The apartment manager has taken my samples in a drinking water bottle but no water pipe cleaning ever takes place.

I will move soon.

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