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Thai Marriage Certificate

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hi guys

i would really appreciate some help on something -

I managed to get my wife uk settlement and the thread was pinned on here which Ii hope some of you guys found useful

Anyway, since the settlement my wife and I have decided to emmigrate to Spain and even though i have done my homework something new has presented itself at the last step

The Spanish authorities are asking for many things which we have but what we dont have is a marriage recognition certificate which has to be issued by the british embassy in malaga. when i contacted them they said because thailand is not part of the hague convention we need to get the marriage certificate stamped by the registrar who married us. This was not a problem as the stamp was already on it but then we needed stamps from the thai ministry of foreign affairs and the Spanish embassy in Bbangokok to certify / legalize. once thats been done the spanish ministry of foreign affairs also need to stamp the document but they are in madrid.

So I flew to Tthailand alone to get the stamps and managed to achieve this in 10 days. When Ii returned to Spain i then flew to Madrid and managed to get them to also stamp the document. I then though great job done lets go back to Malaga for this marriage recognition certificate which is given once you swear on oath and hand over 265 euros. well to my suprise they are now saying the Spanish will not accept anything that is more than 3 months old so they cannot issue a recogniion certificate. I was off course very pi$$ed off especially after spending almost 2 grand on a trip to thailand to get these stamps.

They are now saying that i need to get the registrar whicc is in the Llaksi district in Bangkok to re issue a marriage certificate then i need to get the same stamps as before placed on it

my questions are -

Does anyone know a good agent who would do this for us and what sort of money are we talking. I dont fancy flying back to Bangkok unless I have to.

Will the registrar issue a new certificate of marriage? We do have the 2 original marriage certificates by the way

I really hope some of you guys can help as I am at my wits end here. I hope both 7by7 or sumrit are about as they both have extensive immigration knowledge

thanks guys in advance

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