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Sports Playgroup For Small Children (Around 3 Years Old)?


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Hello, does anyone know of any sports playgroups for small children around three years old?

I've seen there is some ballet starting at four year old, but my daughter is just two and a half.

I.e. some fun and games involving gymnastics, dancing, balls, or similar.

Thanks, Awk.

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There is a nice little playground at Kad Suan Khao on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Lots of things to play with there.

Thanks for the tip. Been there quite a few times and it's ok if you don't mind how dirty it is (watch a kid with white clothes

play, and see how the white clothes turn black in just a minute or two. Does that place ever get cleaned?), but I'm looking for

something more organized. I.e. something like a gymnastics class, dance class, or similar, with a teacher or two to organize some

educationalgames oriented towards some sort of sport/dance.

I've been to something called "Tumble tots" some times (www.cmtumbletots.com), which coincidentally is not far from KSK. It has some things I

like, and some I don't, but at 400-500B/one hour session is vastly overpriced for what you get imo.

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