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When I compose a new message and click on the "To" tab at the bottom of the list will appear " Adultchat ".No idea how it got there.So I go look in my contact list and it isn't there,so impossible to remove.In the "To" tab it also doesn't show the email address of that contact although all the others will show Nickname and email address.

So I sent an empty email message to this contact and then in the sent folder it shows up as the email address 71ibx61t3y @ groups.live.com .Tried a search on my computer and my hotmail contacts for adultchat and the email address but they both give no results.Ran Malwarebytes but it doesn't give any result also.

Any idea how to solve this problem?

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It seems that the message I sent appears in my own inbox and gives the following read

[email protected] namens <email removed> Verzonden:donderdag 3 februari 2011 2:38:01Aan:AdultChat ([email protected])

Go to the groups website email="[email protected]?

Remove me from the group mailing list

So sending an email to the address results in sending an email to myself.When clicking on "remove me from the group mailing list" link opens my outlook with isn't configurated.

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