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What/Who Is Enigma Track?


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Like a few of us, I've been watching the countdown timer for the Enigma Global web site for the opening of their track in Ban Bueng. As the timer has counted down to zero, now it is reversing into negative numbers. Is this thing real? The track I mean. It's touted as a 4km FIA certified facility. Like many I've heard rumors of a new track being built but mostly they have indicated a more south location, in Chonburi province I believe. These rumors have been around for about 11 years that I know of.

Is there anyone with more/better/real/factual knowledge of this topic?

Like most people that are susceptible to scams- a racing fan will want to believe what seems to be true. Example- why the hell did Red Bull bring an F1 car all the way to Thailand just to do a tiny exhibition run downtown? Hmmm... And why is the now Post advertising those really cheap made in Thailand racing cars?

The site is generating 88 hits/day on average so someone else must be curious as well.

Anyone live near their supposed headquarters and has actually seen if the exist besides virtually?

Web site for track:


Web site for 'Enigma Corporation'


Certainly is an enigma......

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I think these projects are just initial publicity to see whether they can pull in punters with enough dosh to cover the project/s, like the guy who was going to represent Thailand in A1GP when it was running with a big media splash with a car, having seen him race luckily for Thailand the money wasn't forthcoming.

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