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Land On My Thai Gf Name And House On My Name ?

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My thai gf has a land, i build a house on it and put the house on my name now she wants kick me out, what can i do ? I think i have no right but can i destroy the house :) ?

Thanks you so much i'm a bit desesperate...

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If you have land rights; i.e., a 30 year lease or usufruct along with a building permit in your name for the house, all registered at the local land office, then your GF cannot kick you out of your house. However, things can get mighty rough for you. If not, then the best thing you can do is peacefully leave.

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A usufruct allows you the right to a stay on the land; a superficie is stronger if you have one.

If you can prove the house is yours - building permit, notice on land documents - then you can remove your house so long as you leave the land in the same condition it was in pre-build. You could therefore destroy the house but remove all rubble

That is the legal position but you need to think of other consequences

Try to think Thai


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