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Need Info About Quality Chrome Plating In Thailand


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I'm a little bit in the wrong forum - but just bear with me. I think the moderators will allow it.

I know bikers often talk about having this or that chromed, or re-chromed. So, I think this is the best community to address my question - which is the topic.

Can anyone recommend a good shop, in Thailand where I can have some parts chrome plated for my guitar? I have owned a great hard rockin' Ibanez since new 1978. The years have not been kind to this instrument, however. I recently had it completely refinished by Chen at Aliceia Guitars (not misspelled) in Bangkok. It has all the original parts except for new pickups. Originally the parts were gold plated, but after spending over a year trying to find someone to re-plate the gold, I decided that since it isn't 100% original, it would still look excellent if I chromed the parts rather than beat my head against the wall visiting every conceivable goldsmith, the biggest gold dealers, and jewelers (guitar forums do not recommend jewelers, however).

Anyhow, this is already more information than you need. But the parts range in size from small nuts and screws, and in the case of some parts like the screw threads, these must be avoided as they will no longer fit the nuts.

So, if any of you know where to go to get quality chrome plating done, I'd really appreciate it if you'd share the information. I'll include a picture of the way my guitar looked when original. post-22899-0-27139800-1296750189_thumb.j

Thanks, bikers, for bearing with this lowly musician.


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Here are a few you might want to try-


Email: [email protected]




PHONE 02-5612792 (DA)

Anan Chromium plating on soi anamai srinikarin rd, 02 321 5317

Hope one of these places can sort you out.

Ride On!


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I used these guys and they were excellent, although it is hard chrome - not sure if that's any good for what you want? They've got a website if you google them.

EASY FIX Hardchrome Plating

12/11 หมู่ 7 ซอยเพชรทองคำ ถนนบางขุนเทียน-

ชายทะเล แขวงท่าข้าม เขตบางขุนเทียน กรุงเทพฯ


12/11 M.7 Soi Petch Thongkrum Bangkhuntien-Chay Talay Rd, Thakram, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150

TEL & FAX : 02- 897- 2010-4

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Thanks for the responses. I never considered nickel plating until I heard some guys on TV (Television) mention it the other day. I guess I'd like to see what the difference looks like before I spend a dime on a nickel. In any case, I wouldn't know where to look for a nickel plater - puts me in the same position of looking for a gold plater.

Also, regarding "hard chrome", I wouldn't know the difference. I would assume it would be OK.

Another bit of information on the parts I need plated. Of course they have to have all the gold plating completely removed first. Also, the underlying metal varies from part to part. They used some pretty cheap metal when they made this guitar in 1977, and many other owners have the same problem. Of course they live in the US, UK, or Aus, where they can find gold plating services easily.

Again, Thanks - Buzzer

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