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UK Marriage Registration

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I'm hoping someone will be able to solve this one!

I'm hoping to take my Thai partner to the UK on a marriage visa and register the marriage before returning to Thailand.

The problem is her name was changed by her now deceased parents 40 odd years ago and no one knows the specific date of when the name change took place, hence it's like looking for a needle in a haystack!

She does have an existing Thai passport and ID Card..the names match..just worried that the 'birth certificate' if obtained will not match her current I.D docs.

All advice much appreciated :jap:

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This is not unusual in Thailand.

Her birth certificate, if she has one, should have a stamp on the back with the change of name, at least my step-daughter's does.

If not, or she doesn't have a birth certificate, her passport and ID card are sufficient anyway; both for the visa and then for giving notice of the marriage once in the UK.

See Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership.

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