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Sailing ( Do You Need Any Crew?)


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Hello All.....I am offering my services as a crew member (free ) .....I have RYA cert etc, logged 20000nm + mainly yacht delivery work .....So if you are looking for a useful crew member please drop me message and we can have a chat.

I prefer cruising to racing round cans ...but I just really want to get back on the water....


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this gentleman above placed an ad some time ago for people intrested in Yacht crewing at the Ocean marina may be worth dropping him an email.

Edit: email removed due to forum rules:

13) Not to post email addresses in posts due to potential spam problems.

If you want his email address, please PM johnbarpic or myself. Or, just stop by the Ocean Marina. The gentleman being discussed is the harbor master there. They are in regular need of ballast...err...crew... :)

Also, here is a link to his previous post for crew:


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I have some business cards from a couple of guys with yacht charter companies up that way and another guy who has a yacht delivery business as well. Met them at the Samui regatta. I will have a look and see if I can find them and let you know :D

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check out the Ocean Marina. They have race days once a month and crew members are always wanted!

PM Mcyachty for more info and/or look up his forum posts.

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