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Asean And Indonesia Call For Cool Heads Along The Thai Border.

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Asean and Indonesia call for cool heads

By The Nation on Sunday.

The deteriorating situation along the Thai-Cambodian border was undermining confidence in Asean and affecting economic recovery, tourism and investment prospects, Asean chief Surin Pitsuwan said in an urgent message to the two countries over the latest deadly flare-up.

"I am deeply concerned about the serious situation on the border between Thailand and Cambodia. This violent conflict must be brought under control and return to the negotiating table as soon as possible," Surin said.

The violent conflict started with gunfire and an artillery dual in mid-afternoon on Friday near the long disputed site of Phra Viharn/Preah Vihear Temple. While the International Court of Justice ruled in 1962 that the temple belonged to Cambodia, areas close to it are claimed by both sides.

"I have been in touch with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cambodia, Hor Namhong, and the Foreign Minister of Thailand Kasit Piromya, and I have appealed for calm, maximum restraint on both sides, and expressed my fervent desire to see both sides return to the negotiating table as soon as possible," he said.

Surin called on both sides to allow Asean to help them reach some form of temporary truce and cool down the emotions and anger so that the higher interest of both peoples and Asean could be protected and enhanced.

"The situation has escalated into open conflict. And that will definitely affect our economic development, confidence in our region, and tourism and prospects for foreign investment, which have just been picking up in light of the world economic recovery," he said.

Diplomatic sources revealed that Surin's wishes would materialise soon as Indonesia, the current Asean chair, is also stepping up diplomatic efforts to help the two sides find a temporary solution, so that bilateral mechanisms can accomplish their objectives of border demarcation and peace.

"I understand both sides now welcome some form of mediation by the Asean leadership," Surin said, without elaborating.


-- The Nation 2011-02-06

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I guess the rest of the region just doesn't understand how important these "small willy" contests are to these two countries. Sooooooo much at stake! Sometimes losing face means gaining face. Of course try to explain that to a Thai - you make hurt head!!!!l

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