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Lawn And Garden Service Needed


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I am looking for someone (preferably with their own equipment) to make regular trips to my house on the darkside and cut the grass, weed eat, and other misc yard duties.

In the past we have supplied the equipment and found others to do the work. Our equipment is now shoddy and needs replacing ... but I want to see if I can find a full-service company.

I tried "search" but that didn't help me as there are no recent posts related to Pattaya.

Does anyone have a referral to a company that can provide this service? Maybe a full-service landscape company in the Pattaya/Darkside area?


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I find it cheaper and overall much better to have a guy stay at my

property full time. He takes care of everything, including minor house

repairs (where no great skills are required). I use his wife as a maid.

I guess it depends how big your property is and wether you have space

for them to stay, and what your budget is.

The guy I have now is great, he does not like the expensive high tech

equipment, prefers basic (CHEAP) gardening tools over weed whackers .... :bah:



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There are Thai people who come around and do the lawns and flower beds etc. Not as cheap as I thought they would be but not ruinous by any means. I guess a local shop in a village may know or word of mouth. Perhaps the agents who offer full management of properties know someone or have people on their staff.

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I can't remember the name of the place but just go into any of the places on the soi's on nernplubwan etc and they will do it. My house property was huge (160 sq wah) and had tons of garden work etc and was charges 1000 baht per time but they usually had 4 or 5 folks there.

If its a small place maybe 300 baht etc. They will come and look and tell you. If I can get the name again I will tell you or just ask your neighbours who they reccomend OR drive into a few gated villages around here and when you see a company doing it to someones yard just ask them and they will follow you back right away and give you a price.

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I have a guy who does my garden weekly, cuts grass, weeds, cuts trees etc etc. Got his own car, all equipment and does the work for a very reasonable price. Been very reliable and takes a pride the work he does. We pay him 1,500 a month for half a day a week which considering he uses his equipment I think is OK. He lives on our Moo Baan (soi Siam country) so I guess he would want a little more if he has to travel.

If you want details send me a PM and I will get you his number.

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  • 3 months later...

Once again, I am behind on my updates.

My wife finally found someone last month to take care of our yard.

He comes (with help) two times per month, with his own equipment. He mows, weed-eats, pulls weeds where necessary, cleans up, prunes, etc. Our land is 1 rai, but the house takes up a large part of it. We are paying him 1300b PER visit (2600b per month).

He has been here three or four times now. And so far, I am happy with the result.

Thanks for those who posted with their suggestions!!

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