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Bedding Material For High Humidity


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Just curious, do you guys use the same bedding material as you do in the west? Or are there better alternatives for dealing with the stickiness & moisture buildup at night?

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No! In the UK it was an electric blanket under and a (thick) duvet on top.

I've had aircon in my bedroom for 3 years now. But for the previous 10 I was used to only a fan. And a cotton sheet under and a cotton sheet on top was all, and that was fine at the time. But that's sleeping naked. If a T-shirt etc then no over-sheet at all.

The aircon method I now use is to pre-cool the room to about 22. Then turn it off when I go to bed and just use a fan and one over-sheet.

Personally I don't experience any damp or humidity unless the night temp is heading to around 30. (Or are you talking here about the green mould on your clothes in the rainy weather/season?) Anything less than that then just a cotton top sheet is fine.

(Three or four years back it was 33 at night in July and I had to sleep naked on the bathroom floor for 3 or 4 days in order to even breathe. At that point I vowed that if I had to cut smoking and save all year it would never happen again - aircon!)


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