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Poipet Border Quiet

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Poipet border quiet

By The Nation

Ban Khlong Leuk border checkpoint and the nearby Rong Kleu market in Sa Kaew's Aranyaprathet district were quieter than usual yesterday, as most Thai tourists cancelled tours to Cambodia.

While the border was not closed, only 200 or so Cambodian workers and business people waited for the checkpoint to open at 7am yesterday, compared to the usual 8,000 people on normal weekdays and up to 10,000 on weekends.

Some Cambodian vendors said they went to check on their merchandise at the market as they weren't sure about the border situation and wanted to be ready to move back to Cam-bodia if the conflict escalated.

Meanwhile, the number of Thai tourists to Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in Siem Reap province - usually 800-1,000 people per day - dropped to about 100 and many Thai gamblers suspended trips to casinos in Poi Pet out of fear that the conflict might escalate and the border would be closed.


-- The Nation 2011-02-07

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Good that it's quiet! That means the thieving Cambodian immigration joeys can't extort and steal so much money from us. GOOD!! ..... Karma!

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this from the National News Bureau of Thailand

It is the only mention I have seen re Sa Kaeo (Aranyaprathet/PoiPet) being closed.

Can't understand why this would be the case it is a long way from Sisaket.

Appreciate if anyone can actually confirm


Labor Ministry urges employers not to abuse their Cambodian labors

BANGKOK, 7 February 2011 (NNT)-Ministry of Labor Spokesman Sutham Nateetong has pleaded with employers of Cambodian workers in Thailand not to abuse them as tensions on the border escalated on fears it could lead to a riot.

Mr. Sutham asked employers to be aware that Cambodian have lawfully gained employment in Thailand and should be treated fairly. All kinds of abuse or hatred towards them would be considered inappropriate on a false belief that they are being lumped together with Cambodian soldiers merely for their shared nationality. Stresses may also trigger them to respond nagatively to their employers.

The recent clashes in Sisaket have affected Cambodian labors who regularly cross the border to make a living in Thailand as all of the three border check points in Sa Kaeo, Surin and Sisaket provinces have been closed. Those who remain unregistered in a migrant worker database in Thailand might be too afraid to reveal their nationality and may eventually refuse to register as a lawful worker in the Kingdom

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