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Beer Bar In Pattaya

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Beer Bar

Location: Pattaya

Listing ID# BKK14187

Price: 2,200,000THB


The Beer Bar is become available to sell because the owner will move to another city to stay with family.Locate in a busie street the bar is very maintained and is equipped with 2 large screen TV, pool table, stereo, seats and sofa all in 100 sqm. Payroll is monthly 60.000 BTH for 15 employees and rental is 30.000 BTH per month. Lease expire on 2011 1st July. For lease it is required 400.000 BTH annual as Key money. The premises is open 7 days for 24 hours. Many regular customers are already in the hands, and many are the tourists who pass by come in to have a drink or talk to the ladies. Annual receipts are about 5.000.000 BTH and net income, after all expenses are deducted, is 1.500.000 BTH . The ask price is inclusive of assets 50.000 BTH and inventory 25.000 BTH. Down Payment required 500.000 BTH included in the sale. ASK PRICE 2.200.000 BTH


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