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After a bit of channel surfing I got to 103,,,Coffee Master....... Now I would be the first to say that modern TV just aint as good as it used to be and the reality programe of the Panda cub was not much better than counting sheep ,,,,BUT....this Coffee Master channel just beats the lot for the most inane,stupid and totaly unnessesary TV programe on the planet....although some Japanese programs come close.

The Channel appears to have set up a couple of TV camera's in a cafe and just lets them roll....riveting if you want to spend a couple of hours watching people buying cakes and cups of coffee.

Whats the point of it?? ....yes I know...T.I.T.

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(I would get fired if I published rubbish like this but alas....)

Bangkok: February 4th 2011- TrueVisions proudly broadcasts the newest 24 hours live game show “COFFEE MASTER by TrueCoffee” to seek the best coffee executive administrator. The only 1 of 12 competitors will get 1 million Baht prize. Not only audiences amuse this exciting reality game show, but also can enjoy admiring the variously classic modern scene. Let’s enjoy watching this wonderfully lively competition throughout two months which you have never seen anywhere before. Begin to broadcast now on Reality TrueVisions (Chanel 60). and TrueVisions HD (Chanel 113 ) .

Mr.Thiti Nantapatsiri Managing Director TrueVisions PLC. said “the “COFFEE MASTER by TrueCoffee” Program is the newest game show of True-Visions. We strongly emphasize the new generation’s conceptual development and also sincerely entertain our members to enjoy this game show. The selected 12 juveniles have to fully show their ability of coffee shop business in real situation, including seriously learn and deeply train by themselves to be a perfect executive administrator. Thus, they must struggle any difficult obstacles, can exactly examine and solve the business problems, including have to share the idea of administrative strategies in the demonstrable coffee shop throughout two months together. Moreover our audiences can participate in this game show by voting the winner of “COFFEE MASTER by TrueCoffee” Program who will win 1 million Baht prize.”

Mr. Thiti said “TrueVisions has continuously related Convergence Life Style strategy, conducted by True Group Service with main sponsors such as True Coffee, CP-Meji, Crystal Design Center, Bank of Ayudhya. We assure our members and program-fans can touch and really enjoy valuable experience and edutainment programs. All of 4 True Visions Members, Platinum, Gold, Siver and True Knowledge, can watch on Reality Channel (Chanel 60). 24 hours. And watch the Extremely-highlight & Updated Scoop on True Inside (Chanel 61). The most special promotion of HD package, apply now to February 28th free set up equipment and free watch a month, that makes you feel as if you are in the real event 24 hours, on TrueVisions HD (Chanel 113). For Convergent Package “True Life Free View” member only pay 300 Baht mobile bill per month, can watch on Reality Channel (Chanel 60). If you pay plus 199 Baht per month, can watch on True Knowledge Package (Regular price 340 Baht per month) and also watch the Extremely-highlight & Updated Scoop on True Inside (61 channel Digital System).

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