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Jewelry Shop Bkk

Jonny B

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just wanted to share a shop i just bought 2 rings from in bkk, its located on level 1 in central world in the jewelry section which is tucked away a bit, ive attached a couple pics of what the shop looks like so you should recognise it, in the 2nd pic its the shop with the guy standing at the door.

anyway i just purchased a diamond ring and a natural white gold band from them. The owner is the person you deal with, he is extremely friendly, honest, patient and knowledgable. He even charged less upon picking them up than first quoted, which i dont think has ever happened to me in thailand. I looked at probably 10 shops total between pattaya and bkk, some of which were recommended on here in other posts and they just dont come close to this place. The specs of the diamond we purchased from him were far more at other shops and come with GIA certificate. One shop in pattaya that came recommended said they dont provide certificates for any diamond under 1 carrat but to trust them as theyve been in business along time, obviously been ripping tourists off for a long time.

anyway you go wrong with checking this shop out if you need any jewelry. pm me if need anymore info.




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