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I am applying for my wifes settlement visa; so far I can supply a fair amount of supporting documenation after seven years, 2 kids and marriage. However, could somebody advise how much emphasis may be placed on not supplying my wifes previous passport which is currently locked away in our safety box in the Philippines and therefore not easily accessible.

We have travelled considerably, and my wife had done so prior to our meeting yet her current passport does not reflect this. Would this be an issue to an ECO?

Secondly, is it advisable to submit our childrens original British passports in the application or will photocopies suffice?


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As far as I know there is no requirement to submit old passports. It can help your case to show evidence of previous travel especially for visit visas but this is far less important for settlement visas. You do not need to prove a reason to return for settlement!! The form does require details of old passport numbers from memory. Again it would not hurt to let them know where the passport is.

Evidence of marriage, relationship, ability to support your partner without recourse to additional state benefit are far more relevant. I would not include the children s British passports but including photocopies will do no harm. The Embassy has access to these documents anyway.

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They do like to see expired passports so they can see previous travel history; however, if you cannot provide it then explain why. You do need, though, it's details. From the guidance notes

2.7 Please give details of any previous passports, covering the last 10 years, including where these passports are now. Where the information is available, please provide full details for each. This should include travel document or passport number, issue and expiry dates and place of issue. Please tell us where your previous passports are (for example if lost, stolen, expired or returned to the issuing authority and no longer with you).
Not sure if you need to supply your children's British passports, originals or copies, at all. Edit; see VP's post below.

However, you say

my wifes previous passport which is currently locked away in our safety box in the Philippines and therefore not easily accessible.

Does this mean that your wife is a Philippine national? If she is, what is her immigration status in Thailand? She cannot apply in Thailand unless she is legally resident there.

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There is a question on the application form asking if the applicant has held a previous passport(s). When you answer in the affirmative, the next question asks where the passport is. You will have to explain. You can always expand on the answer in the application form or in your supporting letter. The ECO will have access to UK records ( if your wife has travelled to UK before ) so will be able to see her UK travel history. Other travel history can be useful, both in a positive and negative way. If the ECO has concerns he does know where your wife's old passport is. He could, therefore, ask you to produce the passport, but I think that would be extreme.

Copies of your childrens' passports are fine. The ECO has access to UK passport records, electronically, at the Embassy. if he has concerns

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Thanks for the above info. I am in Thailand on a non imm B and my wife and two kids are non imm O. Yes she is a Philippine national. We don't have the last expired passport which was my concern. I have plenty of other strong supporting docs but was not sure the emphasis they placed on previous travel history. Based on all your kind replies, we'll apply without it and hope the rest is sufficient.

Thanks for the replies.

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