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Us Citizen Renewing A Passport, How Is My Tourist Visa Handled?

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US Citizen renewing a passport, how is my tourist visa handled?

I have read the US Embassy / US State Dept. info on the procedure to renew my passport. I am looking for some more details.

How will my tourist visa be handled? Do I have to go to Thai immigration and have my visa transferred to my new passport? I am planning on getting a 30 day extension on my tourist visa, is there anyway I can have it all documented in my old passport even though it will have less than 6months validity?

I will travel to the Philippines in September, I am looking for the best way to work things out so I have a “clean” passport when I come back in October, so I will have less hassle when applying for Thai tourist visas in the future.

Any details into the procedure of renewing your passport while overseas are appreciated


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There is no problem extending to the validity date of your passport.

For tourist visa entry you should be able to leave with both passports and have stamps in new one done there under current policy. A new passport application takes about 10 days to two weeks to receive at Embassy.

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