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Where Is The Tat Office?


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I've been told there's a Thai tourist office (TAT) in Hua Hin, though I can't find it anywhere. Yesterday I've been all around town trying to find it and gave up eventually. I want to find out a few things about Hua Hin and getting transport to Koh Samui, though I guess the travel agents can just book me a bus. Some guy I met said it's not really in the centre of town, which seems crazy to me if they want people to go there and ask them questions! The website says there's one in prachuap khirikhan, is that the town or just the province, so I'm confused about that!

Also where is the airport in Hua Hin? my friends that are coming might prefer to fly here rather than take a taxi or bus from Bangkok, but not if it's too expensive.

Thankyou very much.

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There is a TAT office here. On the main road just near the small police box, near Chomsin road crossroads I believe. I went there once but there was a sign on the door saying they were closed, so not much good really. Besides, I think you can find all the relevant information from the travel agents around town - Western Tours seems to be one of the best. Otherwise, try the tourist office near the clock tower. There's another one further up the road at the traffic lights near burger king - when I've been there the 2 staff were asleep on the tables, but it's a good place to park a motorbike if you just need some parking! LOL! :-)


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