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Need Freight Forwarder


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Raro who is a Thai Visa moderator in the Pattaya forum, is a freight forwarder. Send him a personal message, and he'll either help you, or put you in touch with someone who can.


Ther are loads around Pratunam.I recommend TUC , ask for Tina

Just ask around , most shops know where it is

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i did this to the USA and ended up regretting it. u run into all kinds of costs. in the usa i had to pay xray exams, fees for paperwork, fees for inspection, had to rent a truck and go pick stuff up...

basically i doubt that you will end up not regretting it as well. my advise is to take a look at craigslist bkk and see what people are willing to pay for what you have. the headache of freight is just not worth it (at least with American style bureaucracy maybe canada is easier)...

whatever u decide, avoid Inovative Logistics in thailand.

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