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Which Areas To Look For Budget Friendly Large Condo Units?

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I'm planning to buy a condo unit for my residency over the next 3 years. However, just like prices in supermarket, prices in condo is varying greatly. I understand good location = expensive but come'on this is Thailand, not western hemisphere.

I am looking for 55m+ 1BR unit for less than 2.5 million baht, which makes my limit around 45k THB per SQM. The only suitable condos I've seen in Bang Na which I'm not familiar with. Huaw Kwang is not an option (I don't like it there).

Any recommendations? Is Bang Na liveable? BTS Station seems not opened yet.

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15 yo old is not a big problem if renovated & clean. But are they harder to sell compared to new & overpriced condos?

Easier to sell for the reason that they are located well and not overpriced. But you will need to renovate the unit yourself. Example - 62 sqm 1-bedroom selling for Bt2m, and renovation and furnishing cost Bt220k.


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