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Registering A Uk Marriage In Thailand


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My husband (Thai) and I married last July in the UK. When we did so, the registry office said we would need to inform the authorities in my husbands native country of the change in his marital status. We are flying out to Thailand next week for a month holiday and are hoping to get this done during the holiday. Where should we go to do this - his local town amphur?

As we are planning to permanently move back to Thailand in 3 years and I will be hoping to seek permanent residency and citizenship, I am keen to ensure that our marriage will be recognised in Thailand for its full duration as I have read that sometimes they will only count how long it has been registered in Thailand rather than the date on the original Marriage certificate?

Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!

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The procedure is to have the UK certificate translated and the UK Embassy confirm it and then have it registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs legalization department here in Bangkok. Once you have the registered copy you visit a local district office to record it there and his ID card can be updated (not sure that is required for man or not) and the record at District Office used to prove marriage later when apply for extension of stay to live in Thailand.

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Thanks for the information!

Slightly more complicated a process than I first thought. Do you know if I need to make an appointment at the UK Embassy to have the translation certified or at the MFA when registering, or can I just turn up?

Also any recommendations for good (+cheap :) ) translation places?


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MFA's the same, no appointment needed but get there early, it's a busy place!

There's a translation place inside the MFA building.

The UK embassy won't need to see the translation (they won't be able to read it) only the MFA will, :) the UK embassy will verify that your marriage certificate is genuine, then the MFA will stamp that, and the translation, so that the Amphur can register your marriage.

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MFA requires you to turn up before 12:00 to recieve same day service.

When you go to the amphur, also ask for the khor rhor 22 form, this is the entry into th marriage register for people married abroad. Immigration wants to see this form for an extension of stay based on amrriage.

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