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Loi Krathong In The South - Where? Where?!


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Greetings travellers,

I am going to be arriving in HKT Nov 7th, and for the first time ever since living in Thailand for a year in 1989, I will be there for Loy Krathong. It will be at the beginning of a month-long trip, and will have very good friends joining for the first time ever, so we are looking to celebrate Loy Krathong as traditionally as possible.

Now I know Loy Krathong is best celebrated in the north, and my only Loi Grathong was celebrated in Udorn Thani back in 1989, and it was completely amazing and magical.

But as this is the start of the trip and we want to be in the south for at least 2 weeks, going north by the 10th isn't feasible, and friends are only with us for 5 days, so they don't want to be travelling too much, in fact ideally they will probably just one want to stay in one hotel for that 5 days and be able to get a driver for the night to go to Loi Krathong and have a beautiful and magical evening - if we are on the mainland. But we are equally open to heading to one island for those 5 days too.

So I need suggestions on where would be a good base for Loy Krathong, in the south. Also keen to have a little nightlife (but not insane KPN style, full moon party is too keg party for us, though we do like to dance a little - just not with vomiting chavs) and friends are likely to prefer something a little luxury style, we are more budget traveller/flashpacker level.

I have trawled old threads and haven't really gathered a lot of useful info. Mostly people just saying go North, the south doesn't really celebrate LK. But I know that it's celebrated everywhere - I would like to hear some personal experience of anyone who's been in the south for LK and ideally who's lived in Thailand for some time and has some cultural sensitivity.

Does Krabi town get particularly festive for LK? As it has one of the biggest river areas and more substantial Thai ethnic population (as opposed to Muslim as you head further south) I am guessing it might be a good place? Or possibly Phuket town, where few farangs spend any time? Or are any of the islands notable? I read on one Phi Phi site that they do celebrate Loy Krathong there, and also that the larrakin crowd tends to head off to KPN for the full moon so it may be more pleasant on Phi Phi than usual? I like very much the idea of being on one of the islands for LK but only if it's going to have a reasonably traditional feel. Maybe even Koh Yao? Halp!

FTR I have not spent a whoole lot of time in the south, avoided Phuket mostly, but do have a soft spot for Railay as I went there in 1989 before it got developed, so have tended to just go back just to Railay, but have a feeling it might not be the best spot for Loy Krathong - though if anyone reading this HAS celebrated LK on Railay I'd be keen to hear your experiences.

Many thanks for any assistance!

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