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"That Sounds Like A Good Idea"A Ca


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This has been bugging me recently as I'm sure there's a really simple answer to it, but my Thai isn't that good. Let's say someone mentions plans and rather than just "good idea" or "excellent", is there a way of saying something along the lines of the English "That sounds like a good idea"... or "That sounds like fun...". I suppose I could say "I think that's fun.." - would that be this?

ผมคิดว่าสนุก (?)

But there has to be a more casual way of saying it, yes..? unsure.gif

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The LUK KHREUNG comedian Chris Wright on his comedy video 'Chris Unseen' had the Thai subtitles for the English phrase 'That sounds like a good idea' as:


Is this a good translation? Or does it sound weird to a native Thai speaker?

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