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Er6N Or Er6F Size Vs Cbr250


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Due to the lack of showrooms for Kawasaki here in NST I have a simple but stupid question, don't rant with numbers and all that, just from someon that has some experience in moving from one bike to another...

Last time I was on an Er6 it felt like a small bike (standing still so not speed)...

In the specs it is just a little bigger than the CBR, how is the feel comparing the two bikes?

I know that the Versys is much bigger than the Ninja and Er6n...

What did you guys notice the most moving from one to another, and which model would you choose?

The Orange Ninja, or the red Er6n?

Don't think that there will be any upgrade for next years model, and I do like both of these.

I ride mostly in a small town- so my guess is that the Er6n has more manouverability than the ninja, due to location of the handlebars...

BUT and there is always a but...... (hopefully not a ladyboys butt)

I do like speed, and frequently go above 150kmph (if the bike permits it) and then the ninja would be better I assume since the full fairing should do some protection work...

Help me boys, the order will be placed this week (hopefully)...

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I've ridden a stock CB'r' 250 and was not impressed. Feels like a scooter IMO. The Kawa 650's are proper "big" bikes.

FWIW the Versys is no bigger than the Ninja 650R or ER6n, it's just taller and with it's larger fuel tank it will be heavier with a full tank of gas. They all weigh about 200Kg, the Ninja weighs a bit more because of the fairings.

Handlebars on ER6n and Ninja are identical. Same handlebars on the Versys too, but taller on account of handlebar riser.

If you ride mostly city I'd recommend the naked ER6n as it's easier to squeeze a naked bike through tight spots and you won't have to worry about scratching up your fairings.

If you like to get out and do the occasional high speed run just add a screen to your ER6 and you're sorted.

The Candy Burnt Orange Ninja 650R is a beautiful bike IMO, while the looks of the ER6 are something that folks seem to either love or hate.


Ride On!



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As Tony mentioned already the ER6N feels more like a "real" bike and when you are sitting on it it feels bigger than it looks. The seat height is actually a little lower than on the CBR. But after riding the ER6N it feels somehow funny to ride the CBR250.....

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When I decided to upgrade from my CBR I sat on both the ER6N and a Versys straight after getting off my CBR. The ER6N didn't feel much bigger at all, just heavier, while the Versys did.

The ER6N also felt like it was a bit more cramped than the CBR while the Versys has an extra inch of legroom over the ER6 which was important as I'm quite tall. There are lowering footpegs available if it is cramped, you're a big fellow aren't you snowflake? Sure you can't stretch to the Versys, well worth the extra $$ and just as easy to ride as the CBR, if not more so.

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^ True that, the Versys engine gearing makes it much more forgiving than the ER-6n/6F. The ER-6 has more top end power though, which is something that I miss on the V. I think I really want a Versys with an ER-6 engine... that would be perfect ;)

Edit: I've ridden the CBR, ER6 and Versys - Tony, the Ninja 650 seating position is more racey than the ER-6n, even if they have the same handle bars, or not? I thought the Ninja was a tiny bit longer, different front fork angle?!

To me the ER-6n feels like a proper big bike. Certainly doesn't feel small when you're doing 140 and it _still_ accelerates like there's no tomorrow. It's small only when standing still. It's a very fun bike, recommended, though I do like wind protection and it's hard to get on the ER-6n. After market windshields aren't that easy to do properly. For example the Puig I had would reflect light from the headlights back into your eyes - terrible for riding at night.

Love the ER-6n looks of course, IMO the by far best looking Kawasaki. That advantage is lost when you add a huge windshield though. So I think it's best left naked, and if you don't like that, get the Ninja.

The Versys isn't really that tall - it's no GS. It's very easy going, and has an amazing number of talents, great in the city, great on the mountain, fine on the straights. And WAY more comfortable than the ER-6n, seat and wind protection.

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so what i am hearing here is that I should stick tol the master plan and go all the way for the versys???

Tony had all of them, er6 is the track bike, ninja sold, versys for riding around on?

I can afford the versys, but it might endanger the alchohol budget in november when i am going to bangkok... I could live with that...

Is the er6 lower than the cbr? See... Forgot about that, so even if i like it, not buying it. That burnt orange bike is georgeous... But so is the red versys...

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I recently moved up from the Ninja 250 (which sits a bit lower than the CBR 250) to a Versys. I was all set for the 650 Ninja until I entered the showroom and saw the Versys in white which I now own.

I spent extra money on the Hyperpro shock which lowered it to just the right height for me as I'm a little on the vertically challenged side.

For me it's the first "big" bike I've owned so cannot comment on performance between the three Kawasaki's although I'm aware it's the slowest of the lot.

I think your best plan may be to rent each of the said bikes for a day or two each and see which one you like the most.

I know Kawasaki here in Chiang Mai will change the colour from stock for a reasonable price so I'm sure your local dealer would be able to do the same if you wanted the burnt orange or the red the ER6n comes in.

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About 10,300 baht to change everything of color on the bike. I changed by ER6n from black to red. As far as a windscreen, I can't comment on the looks, I frankly don't give a shit. I put a tall MRA windscreen on mine (top is just below my horizontal line of sight). Before I had the windscreen 120 kph was about the top comfortable speed. 140 and above will literally beat you to death. Life is very good with the windscreen. I have never ridden the Ninja version, but if my memory serves me, I think the specs are identical except for the fairings, as Tony said.

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I would agree with this re: speed on the er6n. 140 was only comfortable after adding that little screen. I do know certain people though who were going way faster than that without any wind protection at all. For extend periods of time, too. So I guess it depends on the rider.

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what is the top speed on the er6n and the er6f or the mighty versys?

650R top speed run. Pretty much stock- only mods are an Arrow exhaust and pulled the baffles from the airbox-

Versys with lower gearing and redline tops out at around ~195kph and takes a LONG time to get there... Sorry, no vid ;-)


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