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Looking For Information Posted Other Day

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The other day i read a really good article about getting papers for thailand ,

I lost were it is on here and wanted to find it again , I think it was posted by an administrator who whent through the process, of the getting the papers and the steps and requirements.

Can some one direct me to the topic I want to save it this time and copy it

thx in advance

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"Getting papers for Thailand" is a rather broad description of what you're looking for. There are a series of "pinned" articles at the top of this section detailing visa types and current experiences with Thai embassies and consulates around the world. I suspect you might be referring to Camerata's excellent thread on obtaining Permanent Residence, also pinned above. Still a good read, however as you will discover from its contents, obtaining PR is not currently an option given the reluctance of successive Ministers of the Interior to sign-off on applications.

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Papers for what ? Tourist , Retirement, Marriage, working, residence, property etc the list goes on and on. You will need to be more specific.

Looking for residence visa I do understand it is a process. I did see it posted here before and did a search and cant find the procedure again i seen on here

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