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Leach Field/Soakaway Supplier In Phuket


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Ho hum, time to start building again... Last time, I installed vertical dry wells for the shower waste water, (after passing the water through a grease trap).

Vertical dry wells generally worked OK, but sometimes the dry well was not so dry, filling up with the waste water, especially during the rainy season.

This time round I would like to use a horizontal leach field, and a commercial product that would help me is shown here:


I've not yet found any commercial leach field/soakaway products in Phuket, only a range of septic tank products.

Does anyone know a supplier of leach field products as shown in the URL? Otherwise I will construct it using more conventional materials


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I have put in soak aways back in the west using herringbone trenches, grades of aggregate, and piping with a 'top' half with holes for fluid drain.

The product you show above looks like a nice evolution but are any of the pieces of a basic system as I describe not available easily / cheaply ??

I only ask as theres many neat new building advances, that just dont filter down or have a supply here, as you no doubt know.

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Thanks for the replies. Indeed, I can construct the leach field using conventional building materials. The product that I highlighted looks to be an easy-to-use commercial product which can rapidly be installed on-site.

I'll visit a couple of septic tank suppliers that I know and see if they can source a product like this. If not, (and I suspect not), then I'll go down the conventional route.


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